Intelligent Parking Lot Solution

Application Overview:
As the country's economy continues to grow, automobiles have gradually become popular among the general public. In recent years, the Chinese government has actively supported the automobile industry and launched a number of policies to encourage families to own cars, leading to a year-on-year increase in the number of cars, the scale of the parking lot has been expanding, and the city is faced with challenges such as parking difficulties, difficulties in finding a car, and problems in managing the car park.
In order to meet the demand of intelligent management of parking lot, we aim to realize intelligent management of parking lot. Through Shanghai Jingheng industrial all-in-one machine control management system, we realize contactless swipe card parking. In addition, in large underground parking lots, car owners often encounter problems such as difficulty in parking, getting lost when returning, and not being able to find their vehicles. Through the intelligent parking guidance program, we use full video guidance, combined with in-field guidance screen and reverse car finder, to help owners find parking spaces as soon as possible, as well as to find their own vehicle parking location. This not only greatly reduces the cost of management personnel and eliminates the trouble of searching for parking spaces, but also improves customer satisfaction with the parking lot and the property company, promotes the turnover of vehicles in the parking lot, improves the utilization rate and economic benefits, and at the same time, improves the level of management of the parking lot and enhances the external image of the property company.

Application requirements:
1. Real-time monitoring of the industrial all-in-one machine: the parking space remaining display at the entrance of the parking lot can real-time display the remaining parking spaces on each floor, eliminating customers' worries about the lack of empty spaces in the parking lot, as well as enabling them to choose the parking floor according to the number of remaining spaces.

2. Industrial visualization all-in-one machine automatically recognizes license plate information: it records the license plate of the entering and exiting vehicles, the time and whether it is an internal user or an authorized monthly card user, etc., which realizes the entering and exiting of the parking lot without stopping to pick up the card, and improves the entering and exiting efficiency of the customers.

3. report statistics function: the system provides rich report statistics function, including berth utilization rate, current occupancy rate, berth turnover rate, etc., which provides scientific and quantitative decision-making basis for parking lot berth setting.

4. Accurate timing and billing management: the camera at the entrance and exit automatically detects the entry and exit of vehicles, realizing the accurate timing and billing of vehicle parking, improving the efficiency and transparency of parking fee management, and reducing the public's questions and complaints.

5. Information platform management: the whole system is managed based on a visualized operation platform. Through the construction of the platform, the system has a stronger ability to integrate, process and release information, which greatly improves the management efficiency.

6. Stability and maintainability: The system back-end management platform adopts an embedded Linux all-in-one machine, which can realize 30*24 hours of stable operation, enhancing the stability of the system and reducing maintenance costs.