Medical & Clinical
Application Overview
As a key indicator of hospital treatment process, clinical test is directly related to patient's treatment effect. In the context of the continuous pursuit of quality and efficiency, EDATEC has developed and produced the medical end of the industrial all-in-one machine, which is designed to improve the quality and efficiency of clinical tests and reduce the cost, in order to provide patients with a higher quality of medical services.

Standardized construction is the cornerstone of scientific management of laboratories, the core element of quality assurance, and the foundation of modern laboratory system construction. Laboratory standardization construction covers a comprehensive quality management system, including pre-preparation, experimental process and follow-up treatment, while focusing on the five aspects of "man, machine, material, method and environment". Through standard operation and standardized operation, it aims to realize automated, intelligent and standardized testing process, so as to effectively optimize the experimental process, reduce cost and improve work efficiency.

During the construction of the standardized laboratory, EDATEC deeply understands the needs of the laboratory and fully considers the current situation of the laboratory department and the functional characteristics of the equipment. Based on the core laboratory, we redesigned the space layout and workflow, and established a four-level documentation system in cooperation with each department. This series of initiatives aims to ensure the standardization and consistency of the entire experimental process from the root, while helping to shorten the processing time of the result report. EDATEC provides intelligent industrial tablet PCs to ensure accurate and reliable results and improve work efficiency.
Through the construction of standardized laboratories, our after-sales service has also been expanded to provide not only support for technical maintenance and clinical applications, but also value-added services such as laboratory management, talent training and discipline construction. Working closely with regional hospitals, we purposefully invite senior laboratory management and quality control experts to jointly establish an academic exchange platform to promote progress in the laboratory field.