Intelligent Logistics Forklift Trucks

Application Background:
With the rapid development of e-commerce and online shopping, logistics has become an indispensable element of national productivity. One of the biggest trends in modern logistics is networking and intelligence. And the warehousing system, as a key component of intelligent logistics, plays a vital role in the production management of enterprises.
The application of intelligent warehousing aims to guarantee the speed and accuracy of data input in all aspects of goods warehouse management, to ensure that enterprises can timely and accurately grasp the real situation of the inventory, and reasonably manage and control the inventory. This application relies on a variety of scientific and technological means, such as electronic technology, computer technology, 5G network technology, industrial Internet of Things technology, etc. Smart logistics centers with warehousing at their core usually use a variety of intelligent technologies, including automatic control technology, intelligent robot stacking technology, intelligent information management technology, mobile computing technology, data mining technology, etc. The application of these technologies enables the warehousing system to operate more efficiently and intelligently, improving the level of logistics management.
In addition, the development of intelligent warehousing systems has benefited from the digitalization trend in the logistics industry. By realizing the automatic collection, analysis and utilization of data, enterprises are able to better understand and respond to market demand, thus improving the adaptability and flexibility of inventory. The widespread use of these technologies has already revolutionized the logistics industry, making it more efficient, accurate and sustainable. As technology continues to evolve, smart warehousing will continue to play a key role in helping the logistics industry progress and adapt to rapid market changes.


Application Requirements:
In order to improve the efficiency of warehouse intelligent management, users can build a wireless communication network, including WiFi or using 3G/4G wireless network, as the wireless communication infrastructure of the warehouse according to the actual needs. Next, they can install professional industrial tablet PCs on industrial forklifts. With this configuration, the warehouse management system can send commands to the forklift drivers through the wireless network to guide them to the designated location for cargo handling. In addition, the user can use barcode scanning equipment for cargo identification, and cargo information as well as the results of the work through the network back to the central system. This intelligent forklift application solution can significantly improve the efficiency of forklift work, while reducing labor costs and achieving the goal of intelligent warehouse management.
As a manufacturer of industrial embedded computers, industrial all-in-one PCs and display solutions, EDATEC has a deep understanding of the use of industrial forklifts and application requirements after fully understanding the actual application needs. On this basis, Shanghai Jinghong provides customers with modular industrial flat panel PC ED-HMI2120 series, which meets the actual application needs of customers. It has accurate touch function, adapts to the special installation method of forklift, adopts fanless design and low power consumption design, and at the same time meets the requirements of industrial vehicle power supply and stable power supply, and also supports wireless network expansion. In addition, the product provides rich IO interfaces to support a variety of special peripherals on the forklift, such as barcode scanning devices, and even RFID/NFC scanning devices, thus improving the efficiency of field operations. This industrial tablet PC not only meets the actual needs of customers, but also runs stably for a long time, providing reliable support for the intelligent management of customers' warehouses.