Smart Agriculture

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Smart Agriculture


Fish farming is a very common aquaculture project, because of its delicious meat, rich nutrition, wide variety, fish farming has not been eliminated by the aquaculture industry, but showing a rising trend of development. With the change of natural environment, many precious fish are on the verge of extinction. Artificial aquaculture is not only a way to meet market demand, but also the best way to preserve species diversity. However, the traditional aquaculture uses a large number of manpower, which wastes manpower and increases costs. And the energy is wasted due to untimely and incomplete information collection.
Solutions and Construction Goal:

Aquaculture intelligent monitoring system is equipped with temperature sensor, light sensor, dissolved oxygen, PH value, ammonia nitrogen content, nitrite content, water temperature probe, etc. It is used to monitor all kinds of information parameters (light, residual chlorine, PH value, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, salinity, ammonia nitrogen content, etc.) that affect fish growth. Through the analysis of collected data, it can respond in time through automatic control system (nozzle solenoid valve, oxygen increasing pump, automatic opening/closing of skylight) Thereby achieving the goal of saving electricity and increasing production.

CM4 Sensing Edge Computing Gateway Performance
1. Aata Acquisition:Edge gateway base on MQTT,MODBUS,OPC-UA,REQUEST,CAN,OCPP,XMPP and data collection of custom protocols.
2. Multiple network functions:Support Ethernet, WiFi and 4G, have all-weather and all-environment working ability. 
3. Real-time edge computing: integrate edge computing capabilities, acquire and process data faster, reduce the cost of cloud services, reduce traffic loss, and realize security at the hardware level.
The CM4 Sensing Edge Computing Gateway is extended from the Raspberry Pi CM4 core board, which supports high processing performance, lot of expansions and AI computing expansion.

◆ ARM A72 1.5Ghz,4 core,64bit
◆ Memory 1/2/4/8GB,eMMC 8/16/32GB
◆ 4G/wifi/Ethernet
◆ RS232/RS485/CAN and Many kinds of industrial field protocols support.

Benefits of Intelligent Monitoring System for Aquaculture:

With the development of science and technology, Internet of Things aquaculture appears. It uses advanced management methods such as wireless sensor technology and network management to manage and monitor the aquaculture environment, water quality, fish growth, drug use, wastewater treatment, etc. It has the functions of real-time data collection and analysis, food traceability, and remote monitoring of production bases. While ensuring the quality, the output is greatly increased.