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This specification defines the performance characteristics for a class Ⅱ adapter, single-phase 12.0 watts. Single output level power supply. 
 ◆ Simple design philosophy. 
 ◆ Reliability level of 50K hours MTBF @ 25° C (rated input voltage and using the Telcordia SR-332 issue 3 method). 
 ◆ DC output voltage must be Safe Extra Low Voltage (SELV) & Limited Power as defined by IEC62368-1. 
 ◆ The maximum room ambient temperature (Tmra), as mentioned in clause B.1.6 and B.2.6 of IEC62368-1, for the external power supply is 40°C. 
 ◆ Cooling: natural convection.

Input & Output Requirements

Rated input voltage 100-240Vac 
Operating range  90-264Vac
Rated input frequency  50/60Hz +/- 3Hz 
Rated input current  0.4A max.
Power consumption (no-loading)  0.1W max. 
Primary current protection  An adequate internal fuse on the AC input line is provided. 
Configuration  2 Conductor 
AC Inrush Current No damage shall be occurred and the input fuse shall not be blown up nominal input voltage full load
25°C  cold start. 
Nominal DC output voltage  +12.0V
Minimum load current 0.01A 
Rating load current  1.0A 
Peak load current /
Rating output power  12.0W
Line regulation  The line regulation is less than ±5% while measuring at rated load and +/-10% of input voltage changing. 
Load regulation The load regulation for +12.0V is less than ±5%, at measured output load from 10% to 100% rated load. 
Peak load regulation The peak load regulation for +12.0V is less than / , at measured output load from 30% to 100% rated load. 
Ripple and noise 120 mVp-p 
Add 0.1uF/50V ceramic capacitor and 10uF/50V aluminum electrolytic capacitor across the output terminal. Measured with 20MHz Bandwidth Oscilloscope. 
Average efficiency  82.96% minimum 
115V/60Hz and 230V/50Hz, output current from 100%, 75%, 50%, 25%. 
Turn on delay time 3000 mS max. at nominal input AC voltage and full load 
Rise time  The supply shall have a start-up rise time of less than 20mS to rise to within regulation limits for all DC outputs. 
Hold up time  8 mS minimum at nominal input 100V AC minimum voltage and full load. 
Output over-shoot Less than 7% of nominal voltage value. 
LED indication function  /
Protection function  Short-circuit protection:The adapter shall not be damaged by short the DC output to Ground. The adapter shall resume normal operation when a short circuited fault condition is removed. 
Over current protection:The output shall be protected against the over current conditions. 

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