40pin IO Extender

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- 40pin IO Extender supports Raspberry Pi400 and other Raspberry Pi Computers which need to connect 40pin IO signals with daughter boards. 
- 40pin GPIO Extender is a 40pin ribbon cable with 100mm length specially designed for Raspberry Pi 400. It is used to lead 40pin GPIO signals from Pi 400 to a female 40pin connector, the user is very easy to connect their daughter to Pi400.
- The 40pin black male connector with anti-reverse insertion at one end is to connect 40pin female connector at the back of Pi 400, a 40pin grey female connector at another end are marked the pin# 1,2 & 40 and alignment mark by laser machine, those marks are used to remind the users to insert the daughter board at the right orientation and position. Wrong orientation and misalignment will cause damage of Pi 400 and daughter board.
- The ribbon cable are Grey and rainbow color optional. All of materials are used on the cable are RoHS Compliant.

Installation Guide

1.Insert 40pin black male connector into 40pin female connector at the back of Pi 400. If black male connector can’t be inserted into Pi 400, the orientation of the black male connector is wrong, please reverse the cable and re-insert.

2.Align the pin# of daughter board with the mark on grey 40pin connector, make sure Pin#-1,2 & 40 on daughter is aligned with the mark-“1,2 & 40” on the grey female connector, insert the daughter board into grey connector.

3.Please double check the orientation of daughter board and position of pin#1,2 & 40 base on the below chart before power on Pi400.

4.If everything is correct, then power up Pi 400.

Order Information


1. Do I need to buy 40pin GPO Extender if I buy 40pin GPO Protector?
No, 40pin GPO Protector doesn’t include 40pin GPO Extender.

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